Shower Plug

Seal Your Leaking Shower for Over 10 Years with Shower Plug

Shower Plug

What is Shower Plug?

Shower Plug is an advanced waterproofing sealant for tiles, grout and all masonry surfaces.

It is a clear liquid that is brushed onto tiles and grout and then wiped away, in one simple application.

Shower Plug is used for:

  • Fixing and preventing shower leaks without removing the tiles
  • Mould prevention
  • Preventing efflorescence on tiles and all masonry
  • Making tiles and grout easier to clean.

With a simple application method and high-grade formulation, Shower Plug is ideal for DIY and professional users alike. It is relied upon for waterproofing showers, balconies, driveways and building facades, in DIY, commercial and federal applications around the world.

Shower Plug is 100% UV-resistant. It can be used indoors and outdoors. Once application is complete, Shower Plug leaves an invisible finish.

How Shower Plug Works

Shower Plug is a penetrating waterproof sealant. When applied, it penetrates the substrate surface to a depth of 2-5mm and chemically bonds with the sand-cement particles on a molecular level. It forms an invisible, hydrophobic barrier that causes water to bead and run off the surface. This water-repellency lasts for a minimum of 10 years.

how shower plug works

The Shower Waterproofing Solution, Explained

Leaks occur when water finds a way through porous tiles and grout, either through a break in the surface or by simply soaking through. The membrane below is designed to catch the water, but membranes are prone to failure through multiple causes. When the membrane fails, structural damage will result from the unchecked water leak.

The Shower Plug solution is to bypass the membrane system by sealing the porous tiled surface to make it totally waterproof.

Shower Plug seals and fixes a leaking shower without removing tiles. It is an invisible brush-on application that easily waterproofs tiles and grout for 10 years in one DIY.

After the brush-on treatment, the surface will be ready to use within 18 hours. No tiles are removed, and the surface appearance and texture will not be changed. The membrane below becomes redundant, and any trapped water remaining below the surface will evaporate.

Shower Plug will protect any masonry surface from all forms of water damage, including: efflorescence, mould, algae, discolouration, erosion and concrete cancer.

shower waterproofing solution

The Leader in Penetrating Shower Sealers


Shower Plug is the original sealant technology in Australian DIY

lab tested

Designed, produced and tested in Australia by leading, PHD-level chemists


Appraised by the CSIRO, VUT and UNSW


Formulated from the highest-grade materials available

20 years

No known failures in its 20+ year history


Safer than household paint

Features and Benefits of Shower Plug

Shower Plug is a DIY shower seal product designed to save you the time and money of more complicated, low-tech methods like membrane replacement. With just a brush and cloth, anyone can apply Shower Plug’s advanced waterproofing technology for maximum effect.

These features make Shower Plug the best solution to fix leaking showers, outdoor balconies, concrete driveways, and other masonry surfaces:

Fast turnaround

30 minute application with full shower waterproofing within 12 hours


100% UV resistant for indoor and outdoor use and not affected by wear


Effects last 10 years minimum, with warranty


Shower Plug will not discolour tiles or make them slippery

Simple to use

Ideal for DIY users or tradesmen


Can be used on any masonry surface and all tiles, including ceramic, marble, slate, porcelain and terracotta


Shower Plug fixes a leaking shower without removing tiles


Produced and designed in Australia with the highest-grade formulation to make it the best waterproof sealant for showers available


Prevents all forms of water damage, including: leaks, mould, efflorescence, erosion and concrete cancer

Tried and tested

Ongoing success since 1992


The waterproof seal means less detergent and effort is required in future cleaning and maintenance


Tested and appraised by the CSIRO and leading industry bodies


The original shower waterproofing product in Australia

With Shower Plug's advanced chemistry doing the hard work for you, you can stop a shower leak using just a brush and a cloth.


DIY Bathroom Sealant Application Process

How to fix a leaking shower without removing tiles in 3 steps

What you'll need:

fine grout

Regular superfine grout or sand cement grout

brush bristle

Natural-bristle brush

towel clean



Shower Plug


Bathroom silicone sealant

How to Fix a Leaking Shower

See how to easily repair a shower leak without removing tiles in 3 simple steps

1. Preparation

First, clean the surface. Then, check the surface for cracks. If there are any cracks or holes in the tiles and grout greater than 1mm wide, they must be repaired using regular superfine grout.

  • Clean any dirt and mould using bleach then allow to dry.
  • Any cracks <1mm wide will be sealed by Shower Plug alone.
  • Repair cracks >1mm wide using grout.
  • Allow the repair grout to dry for 24 hours.
shower plug preparation
coating process

2. Application of Shower Plug: The Two-Coat Process

  • Apply an even coat of Shower Plug.*
  • Wait 5 mins and then repeat this process.
  • Wait another 5 mins and then wipe away any excess.

*A tip for vertical surfaces

Begin the two-coat process at the top of the wall and work down to the shower floor. Complete the shower walls first and then begin the two-coat process on the floor.

3. After application of Shower Plug

Finally, after applying Shower Plug, it is recommended to apply a silicone strip in the corner joint between the wall and floor. This is because building movement can cause cracking in the wall-floor joints.

For more information, read our detailed step-by-step guide on how to seal a leaking shower.


What type of surface do you need to waterproof?

One shower/balcony (7m²)

Shower Plug 220mL

Four showers/large balcony (30m²)

Shower Plug 1L

Jobs up to 150m²

Shower Plug 5L

Jobs up to 600m²

Shower Plug 20L

One shower/balcony (7m²) - includes brush and cloth

Shower Kit

Frequently asked questions

Shower Plug is an impregnant, which is essentially a chemical treatment for masonry rather than a coating or a membrane. Shower Plug soaks into the masonry to chemically bond with it on a molecular level. No part of the treatment will sit above the surface, unlike coating-type waterproof systems.

The advantage is:

  • It cannot fail due to physical wear and tear
  • It will not change the surface appearance or safety

Due to its advanced formulation, Shower Plug allows the surface to ‘breathe’ by allowing trapped water to escape through evaporation. Coatings, membranes and many sealants are not breathable.

Shower Plug also prevents mould growth by denying it a damp surface to live on. Coating-type sealers do not achieve this and so mould remains an issue.

Wait 12 hours for the shower seal to completely cure.

You can use your usual cleaning products. Shower Plug will not be affected by any cleaning methods.

Australian customers can visit a local Bunnings Warehouse in the flooring section, or buy Shower Plug from our secure online shop. We ship across Australia and internationally.

If Shower Plug comes into contact with a silicone strip, the silicone will soften and then re-harden as it dries. Therefore, we recommend either:

  • Protecting existing silicone with masking tape and avoiding it as you apply Shower Plug
  • If the silicone strip is worn out, remove it, apply Shower Plug and replace it.

Shower Plug will work if the crack or craze is no greater than a hairline. Any cracks greater than that will need to be patched up with grout.

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