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Concrete Protection Company provides you with the leading technology in penetrating sealers for masonry. Our products are designed to maximise masonry protection in one, simple application.

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Brush Shower Plug on and your surface will be waterproof for ten years.

Shower Plug is a clear, brush-on solution that repels water from all masonry and tiled surfaces.

When brushed on, Shower Plug penetrates the substrate and chemically bonds with it. Within 18 hours, Shower Plug forms an invisible, hydrophobic barrier that lasts for up to ten years.

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Apply A Layer Of Safety To Your Floor.

Many masonry and tiled surfaces are naturally smooth and therefore represent significant risks, especially when wet. However, with Slip Grip, this same surface can become safer to walk on.

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Brushed on in 10 minutes, stain-resistant for 15 years.

Resistain is a stain-resistant sealer for masonry materials.

Resistain uses mainly alcohol-based solvent to penetrate into masonry surfaces and render them oil and water repellent.

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