About CPC

Concrete Protection Company (CPC) is an Australian-owned and operated company which specialises in high-quality solutions in masonry protection.

Our objective is to offer high-quality, reliable, long-lasting and easy to use products to help maintain your masonry surfaces.

We were founded under this premise over 20 years ago with our first product, Shower Plug. Shower Plug revolutionised the bathroom maintenance process by fixing leaks without removing tiles. We now offer products that use nanotechnology to minimise and prevent staining, corrosion, efflorescence and mould, providing a comprehensive range of measures to protect masonry.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards in the market, and for this reason our products have never had a reported failure in their 20+ year histories. We’ve achieved this through product design, testing and production by leading Australian chemists using the highest-quality ingredients. Our products are also safe to use and environmentally-friendly.

You can find all our products here on the website, in-store at Bunnings and other Australian retail outlets and for special requests, please contact us.

We are happy to work with DIY, professional and bulk consumers from all over the world.