January 15, 2021

Balcony Waterproofing Guide − DIY

A leaking balcony can become a major problem for building. Our DIY step-by-step guide will show you how you can waterproof your leaking balcony to prevent water damage.
December 11, 2020

Why a Balcony Leaks and How to Fix It

Article Overview This article deals with masonry balconies; concrete, tiles and grout, stone, etc. Why is my balcony leaking? The masonry surface is porous and possibly damaged, and the waterproofing membrane has failed. This is the most common reason. There may be structural problems with the balcony, such as: lack of expansion joints, drainage problems or flashing problems. How do I fix my leaking balcony? There are two options, depending on your cause: Make the surface water-repellent. Applying Shower Plug sealer to the balcony surface makes it water-repellent, and this fixes the leak. Hire a tradesman to repair the structural […]
January 23, 2020

How to Clean Garden Paths and Driveways – DIY Steps

January 20, 2020

How to Make a Tiled Shower Floor Less Slippery: 4 Simple Methods