Resistain – brushed on in two coats, stain-resistant for 15 years.


Resistain is a stain-resistant penetrating sealer for masonry materials.

It is a highly-advanced solvent that penetrates into masonry surfaces and renders them oil- and water-repellent. Resistain is optimised for use on all types of masonry surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, to reduce all forms of surface degradation.

Resistain provides excellent, hard-wearing resistance against staining liquids including oil, juice, coffee, ink and wine, whilst also protecting the treated surface from the effects of water exposure, including:

The treatment will not change the appearance or texture of the surface and the surface will remain breathable.

Resistain is ideal for permeable building materials, such as:

natural stone

Natural stone



shower plug

Clay bricks

terracotta pavers

Terracotta tiles


Dense substrates

polished concrete

Polished substrates

Why Choose Resistain?

premium quality

Resistain, like all CPC products, is formulated from the highest-grade raw materials available

lab testing

Designed, produced and tested in Australia by leading, PHD-level chemists

20 years

Proven track record over a twenty year history


Does not change the appearance or texture of surface (leaves surface looking natural)

15 years

The surface will be preserved for at least 15 years


Proudly Australian made and owned

Resistain's application process is simple and ideal for both DIY users and tradesmen alike. To ensure best results with Resistain, we’ve put together detailed DIY guides below:

How to DIY Seal and Protect Sandstone Using Resistain

We demonstrate the Resistain application process using a brush and spray to protect a porous sandstone feature.

How to DIY Seal and Protect a Concrete Driveway with Resistain

We demonstrate how to easily apply Resistain using a roller to waterproof and seal a concrete driveway area.

You Will Need


Low pressure spray (ideal), or a clean brush or roller with tray


1L of Resistain covers 5 to 30m² depending on porosity of surface


Dry cloth to wipe excess Resistain

Preparation: Clean and repair the surface

The surface to be treated should be dry, firm and free from grime, oil and any previous coatings/sealers. All cracks should be filled and allowed to cure before application.

Application: Apply Resistain

  • Use a low pressure spray or brush to evenly coat the surface with Resistain. The initial treated surface should have a mirror-like wet film appearance.
  • After the first coat is absorbed by the surface or the surface becomes touch dry, apply the second coat.
  • After ten minutes, wipe up any liquid that remains on the surface to ensure an even finish.

Two coats are enough for general substrates but more coatings may be required for very porous substrates.

After Application

The initial surface oil and water repellency will develop after the surface is completely dry. Full curing may take 24 hours or more. Avoid heavy traffic for 24 hours. The equipment can be washed in isopropanol or mineral turpentine.

Handling and Storage

Resistain is a hazardous and flammable material. Vapour inhalation and skin or eye contact should be avoided. Wear an air-purifying respirator if there is a risk of exposure to high vapour concentrations. Wash hands after handling.

The product has a shelf life of 12 months in sealed containers under 25ºC. However, the product is best used within 7 days after opening. Do not contaminate the product with water or any form of moisture or material via brush.

Product should be stored in a cool dry place away from fire or ignition sources.

Use with sufficient ventilation away from fire or ignition sources.

Keep out of reach of children.

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Resistain is available in 1, 5, 20 and 200 litre metal drums. Coverage: 1L covers 5-25m2 depending on surface porosity.